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Sort of based on the hit movie featuring David Bowie. Labyrinth (Well Sorta...) is the laughable  parody of the hit 80's movie in which adults of today can relive their childhood with this hilarious parody maze that will confuse your everyday stoner and have him playing for 13 hrs only to find his Mary's bag of weed.  After hours at staring at the bitsy platform drooling on myself. i thought it would be cool to take the player through an interesting maze only to get lost and start at the beginning again to make this simple platformer more frustrating than challenging. The rooms are based off the scenes from the movie and myself not having a baby brother i figured to make the objective of the game to find the one Item I myself am always in search of.  Loaded with adult humor and intense dialog (well sort of..) this game takes the player thru the everyday struggles of what its like to find their stolen sack!!!!


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